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Glossier’s Boy Brow is currently in its third year of being victorious as the ultimate brow product in Chloe Hall’s life. Just mention Boy Brow around a group of five women in their 20s and it turns into a Taylor Swift concert: applause, whooping, lifting their hands to the heavens. My love comes from a different place. Three years ago I stopped getting my eyebrows waxed and/or threaded. I wanted thick, full brows and couldn’t deal with the pain that stemmed from professional brow treatments. It was the one area in my life I wanted to go au naturale (although I hold out hope that one day a combination of society, science, and my psyche will make it possible for me to never wear a bra again).

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It’s now 2018 and my brows are all the way back. My thin-browed college and high school self is just a woman in my rearview mirror and it’s all thanks to Boy Brow—and it’s been with me since the beginning of my journey. While growing my brows out, it offered a deep and full tint so I never felt like I needed to use a heavy duty brow filler. It’s made with wax so the pomade held my wild strays down, helping me stay strong when the awkward growing-in look made me consider running to a waxing appointment. Lastly, Boy Brow boasts oleic acid derived from olive oil to act as a moisturizer and Atelocollagen which helps strengthen the hair fibers. As a salve to what ailed me and a strengthener, I’d like to thank it for my current brow status of “fabulous.”

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