After wearing her hair a platinum blonde for five months, Kim Kardashian decided to try another dramatic color. With her hair already lightened—a process that took 17 hours and two sessions back in September—she opted for bubblegum (or Pepto Bismol?) pink.

Kim hinted something was coming on Twitter when she declared being “over” her old look.

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Three days later, she did the big reveal on Snapchat. “Hey guys, do you like my new hair?” she asked.

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Kim also shut down any rumors that the new color was simply a wig, claiming she doesn’t really “do” wigs.

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Her colorist Chris Appleton, who originally took her blonde, also confirmed the pink was her real hair by taking a photo of the bowl of dye he used. “I’m obsessed with this pink on @kimkardashian,” he captioned another photo of Kim’s hair, “ALSO NOT A WIG.”

Kim touched down in Tokyo a day later debuting her fresh new look.

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She likely won’t be going back to her natural black shade anytime soon. As she tweeted, “the thought of going back to dark makes me sad.” Us too, Kim, us too.

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