When you live in a bustling urban metropolis, there are some basic rules of public etiquette that make everyone’s days run a little smoother. Walk on the right side of the sidewalk. Don’t try to get on the subway before everyone else has gotten off. And, please, do not FaceTime in the middle of the street or subway and subject everyone around you to both sides of your conversation.

With that in mind, J.LO, WYD???


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This photo is making me full-body cringe. If her conversation is anything like my last overheard FaceTime, then everyone around her must have heard a LOT about her niece’s new haircut. God invented headphones for a reason!

It also looks like something she does regularly. Here she is on the set of Shades of Blue in June.

Jennifer Lopez on the set of 'Shades of Blue' on June 28, 2017 in New York City.

Just use the phone like a normal phone!!!!


Of course, J.Lo is J.LO, so she can do anything she damn well pleases. But the rest of you, don’t even THINK about pulling this.

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