Last night, Julianne Moore was honored at the Museum of Modern Art’s Film Benefit in New York City. Moore brought her 15-year-old daughter Liv Freundlich along (both wore black Chanel looks), and on the stage and on the carpet, Moore asserted the importance of validating other people’s experiences. “That’s when we know we’re being heard, that’s when we know that we’re human,” she told and other reporters on the carpet when asked about the sexual assault allegations in the film industry and beyond. “It’s been horrific for us to come and click on the paper every morning and see something else yet again.”

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Julianne Moore with her husband Bart and daughter Liv Freundlich at the Museum of Modern Art


“[But] we’re finally validating these experiences and these women, and we’re making them feel like they’re not crazy. And it’s really important. The only way this will stop is if we recognize this behavior is criminal.”

There’s a simple thing the film industry can do to support women and those not in power, Moore told “Jobs. I think that’s what it is, right? Every industry is all about jobs.”

Kristen Stewart, Julianne Moore, and Elizabeth Banks

Moore with Kristen Stewart and Elizabeth Banks at the MoMA Film Benefit


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During her speech at the benefit, Moore—who was celebrated throughout the night for both her film work and gun control advocacy with Everytown—discussed why she remains hopeful in the Trump era.

“We’re currently living in very difficult times, where our very humanity feels threatened and dismissed by a leader who continues to demean, berate, ignore, and debase us all,” she started. “But I have truly been heartened by those who have spoken out, and our refusal to accept this behavior as normal…. We are learning that the more we validate and see one another’s experiences and add our voices to one another’s, the stronger we are as a human force—and the more likely we are to effect lasting change and rid ourselves of racism, gender bias, sexual assault, and gun violence.”

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