Sterling K. Brown is adored by This Is Us fans all over the globe, for his portrayal of Randall Pearson on the show. So when Brown presented Saturday Night Live last night, he couldn’t do so without mentioning the extremely emotional TV series that’s making him a household name.

In his opening monologue, Brown described This Is Us as “the saddest thing you can watch on TV other than the news,” which is pretty accurate. And while his monologue focused on the amount he has to cry every week on the show, that didn’t stop him from taking part in some hilarious, and some strange, SNL sketches.

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Here are some of the best:

1. Black Panther Deleted Scene.

Brown was, of course, in Black Panther, so his appearance in SNL‘s sketch inspired by the movie is magic.

2. The Sasquatch.

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A group of campers stumble across Bigfoot in the woods.

3. Family Feud: Oscars Edition.

Oscar winners played against Oscar losers, and Brown played Common.

4. Family Dinner-Shrek.

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While meeting his new girlfriend’s parents, Brown’s character reveals that he’s a massive fan on the movie Shrek, much to everyone’s dismay.

5. Dying Mrs. Gomez.

A woman who fell into the mosh pit at a Nickelback concert says her last words, and Brown is there to help interpret them. And he does an awesome rendition of “How You Remind Me.”

6. Doctor Love.

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Brown plays a doctor who gets way too involved in the love life of one of his patients.

7. Opening Monologue.

This Is Us really is “the saddest thing you can watch on TV other than the news,” and Brown’s tears are infectious.

8. This Is U.S.

“The real life drama happening in our government everyday… Like This Is Us, but without the parts that feel good.”

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