The final trailer for Stranger Things Season 2 has dropped and wow is there a lot to unpack. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, stop, take a second, and watch.

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All caught up? Did you notice anything interesting (aside from the fact that Season 2 is going to be epic and scary and the ultimate Halloween binge, of course)?

Well, the eagle-eyed people at BuzzFeed did. If you remember, Season 1 featured a scene in which Hopper and Joyce visited with Terry (aka Eleven’s mom), who hasn’t spoken in years thanks to a weird experiment she participated in during college. Terry was told that her daughter, Jane, died during a third trimester miscarriage, but we all know she did not—she grew up to be our favorite Eggo-loving telekinetic.

Ready for the tear-inducing part? Check out the screengrabs of Hopper and Joyce leaving after their visit with Terry next to the ones of Eleven standing in a certain doorway in the Season 2 trailer:


It’s the SAME. HOUSE. Eleven is going home and we’re already crying just imagining that reunion.

Stranger Things Season 2 drops on Netflix on October 27.

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