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Dear E. Jean: Two weeks ago, I received an invitation on Facebook to become friends with my mom. I am 23 years old; I recently graduated from college and moved 400 miles from home. I have nothing to hide from her, but she’s the kind of person who will try to add my friends as hers. She’s already added three of them, and it makes me so mad! Since I didn’t add her, she hasn’t spoken to me. What do I do?—Frustrated in Florida

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Florida: Oh, stop being such a self-centered little twit. Everybody and their mother is on Facebook. And if the woman who diapered your dorsal region happens to be in advertising, news media, television, publishing, theater, fashion, public relations, the movies, or the online industry, it’s just as important that she look good to her friends on Facebook as you do to yours. Be nice, or Auntie Eeee will send you a friend request you’ll not soon forget.

This letter is from the E. Jean archive.

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